Medical science has amazing frontiers!

Prof Marco Gattorno delivered a brain exploding tour of “Inflammasome-opathies” and “Interferonopathies”. Paediatric rheumatologists well recognise Gattorno for his work with PRINTO and numerous other research enterprises, and this mixed audience seemed spellbound by the pace, diversity, and uniqueness of the pathologies he presented, which was essentially a brief (incomplete) review of the monogenic autoinflammatory disorders. Several new disorders have been named in the past few years, and another (SAVI) just in the past few months.

His talk covered seven clinical patterns of presentation, and briefly outlined exemplary cases:

Gattorno’s take on one aspect can be found in his article “The central role of blockade of IL-1 blockade in the treatment of monogenic and multifactorial autoinflammatory diseases”

I am just in the process of trying to make sense of his talk, and hope to post my summary shortly.