General Paediatric Topics


  1. Videos
    1. Video library from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. They are approximately 45 mins long each.
      1. (Hospital Grand Rounds)
      2. (Paediatrics in General)
    2. Online case study of 4 year old with asthma
  2. Links to e-resource
    1. Obesity medicine: an algorithm educational tool for evaluation diagnosis and treatment. You will need to register as a user. [M]




  1. Videos:
    1. Review series on different genetic syndromes.
  2. Online Training:
    1. Introduction to Genomics – 1.5 hour online module. Fundamentals on the human genome and how it can influence a person’s life.
  3. Links to journals/catalogue.
    1. (Online catalogue of human genes and genetic disorders)
    2. (Point of care resource for inherited conditions in journal-style format, covering diagnosis, management and counselling)
    3. http: (Good resource for families)


Developmental Topics


  1. Videos:
    1. Autism research – short video discussions reviewing recent journals by Dr Andrew Whitehouse, Telethon Institute
    2. (Autism)
    3. MIND institute lectures (University of California). Fabulous comprehensive resource with video lectures relating to neurodevelopmental disorders and other conditions.
  2. Online Training:
    1. FASD training module [M]




  1. Online Training:
    1. ASCIA e-training courses for health professionals. Topics include Allergy and anaphylaxis, Food allergy, allergic rhinitis and primary immunodeficiency. [M]


Adolescent Topics


  1. Videos:
    1. Adolescent medicine videos from WA Clinical Training Network (HEADSS and Suicidal risk assessment)
    2. Transition for adolescents with chronic illness
    3. The Developing Brain and Judging Capacity to Consent – The Collaborative for Research and Training in Youth Health and Development  (First 5 minutes are good volume, then becomes quieter so need ear phones or speaker to hear clearly)
  2. Online Training
    1. E-learning at RACP: Developed to help trainees develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to deliver effective health care to young people [M]


Other useful topics


  1. Videos:
    1. Injury Documentation and Interpretation: Back to Basics (Dr Susanna Kent, DSAC Board Member and Publications & Research Committee Chair, General Practitioner, Wellington)


Leadership Mindfulness


  1. WA Clinical Training Network – Paediatric Resuscitation Non-technical skills video
  2. (Own the resus)
  3. (How to give a talk)
  4. (Thinking about thinking: know about your cognitive bias in clinical medicine)
  5. (The clinician effect)
  6. (e-learning at RACP: Communication, Leadership and Management
  7. – The bedside examination: the importance of good clinical skills, observation and connecting with your patient

Professional training


  1. – to develop academic and professional writing skills.
  2. – reporting guidelines for different types of research.
  3. – numerous articles on preparing for your career including writing a good CV and interviewing skills.
  4. – how to write a journal article.