Prof Marc Benninga gave a very entertaining and somewhat irreverant review of the treatment of functional constipation. The messages were pretty much in accordance with our current practice in WA. The ESPGHAN guidelines (upon which his talk – but without the entertaining slides) are available here.
An intersting point I took away from his talk is that for acute disimpaction, you get just as much success with either enema, or with polyethylene glycol bowel washout – the only difference being that with enema disimpaction, there is immediate improvement in the faecal incontinence often associated with functional constipation.

There were a couple of presentations to follow his talk: One by Natasha Nasser from Sydney (it’s been a day for Australians – I’ve seen a couple of posters too) regarding a population linkage study demonstrating an association between prematurity, mode of delivery (CS), and breast feeding and risk for acute gastroenteritis. A study presented by Michelle Jansen from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam showed that duration of breastfeeding, and timing of introduction of gluten, were not associated with a positive anti-TTG andtibody test at 6 years of age, suggesting duration of breastfeeding beyond 6 months of age was not protective against developing *subclinical* coeliac disease, and timing of introduction of gluten also makes no difference.