Digital Trends – Kendall Ho (UBC – Digital Emergency Medicine)Kendall Ho seemed very excited by the potential of emerging technologies, although the talk was more of a fly over than a dissection of practical application of IT in paediatric practice. But it did leave me with the idea that perhaps it could be an area that I ask more about. I’ve recently started routinely asking for a digital history when I meet patients, and I wonder if this should include a social media history, and a health app history. What’s your weekly average steps per day?

Key Points:

  • Patient engagement is facilitated by emerging technologies
  • There is a dialogue, or partnership in the application of health technologies between health providers and health clients, where patients and providers educate each other about new applications of tech.
  • Health related digital technology can facilitate equity
  • No digital genome without a digital phenome

Cool links: 

  • MindHealthBC, and the Australian corollary BeyondBlue and HeadSpace
  • This is my Food – Nutrition application (link is via CommonSense media review site)
  • I got this – Diabetes education app for children