There are many poster presentations to view, and all are available online. The organisers have selected some to be presented orally, grouped with similarly themed sessions.

It was interesting to hear about the application of the “Social Capital Scale” (Looman 2006) in examining the association between SES/social capital and measures of maternal mental health as presented by Dr John Pascoe from the USA. I’ve sometimes wondered how we subjectively assess this concept in some of the families we care for, and whether we could do better.

Nice poster by Dr Marie Monaghan about effective paediatric cannulation teaching, which could be adapted here in WA.

Dr Guillermo Mendes from the USA looked at US national disease surveillance data to look at children who had recieved an autism diagnosis, but were subsequently determined NOT to have autism, and found that those children who (retrospectively) were initially incorrectly diagnosed were more likely to be from minority, low income backgrounds, and more likely to have a history of hearing problems. There was some brief discussion about whether DSM V criteria would have an impact on the number of diagnoses of children who are on the less severe end of the spectrum. Just interesting…